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Plot Director

The purpose of Plot Director is to print any plot or drawing file on any Océ raster plotter, with the added convenience of specifying almost all relevant plotter settings from your workstation instead of from the plotter?s control panel.

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Océ Print Exec LT v1.3

Océ's Print Exec LT application allows you to print files stored on disk to Océ wide-format printers. It is recommended that Océ Print Exec LT be used instead of Océ Plot Director. This is Océ-USA's latest release of Print Exec LT* software for Windows. Release 1.3 incorporates account locking when the Account Logging option is activated on the Océ Power Logic® controller on the Océ TDS printers.*This is the Evaluation Version with limited functionality. For licensing information please contact us. The following Océ Printer/Plotters are supported by Océ Print Exec LT: Océ 9300 Océ 9800 System Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP 64MB RAM 70MB of free disk space TCP/IP connectivity to an Océ printer Océ 9400 Océ TDS400 Océ 9400-II Océ TDS600 Océ 9600 Océ TDS800 Océ 970

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Adobe Reader

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